Il n’est pas nécéssaire d’espérer pour entreprendre, ni de réussir pour persévérer!”

Guillaume I d’Orange

“It is not necessary to hope in order to undertake, nor to succeed to persevere!”

William of Orange

Why My Forest Armenia

As scientists are denouncing with ever-stronger terms the irreparable damages that fossil fuel burning is causing on the earth’s climate…

Importance of Forests

Beyond doing the right thing for each of us individually and for the planet, increasing forest coverage, in any country…

It's not about planting...

Few people realise the complexities of reforestation. Planting is perhaps the easiest part of the whole process, what is important is to ensure that…

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The initial goal of our organization is to plant 400.000 trees, or about 120 hectares of new forest every year. Having reached that goal in 2021/2022, we are now aiming to plant 800.000 trees yearly or about 240 hectares of a new forest by 2025.


My Forest Armenia is fully committed to creating durable forests with strong ecosystems and rich biodiversity.

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As our first trees were planted in 2020, we cannot yet sell carbon credits because certification begins only five years after the start of a project. However, we offer you to participate in the creation of biodiversity-rich, lasting forests that contribute to the global efforts of fighting climate change, while having an important social impact in vulnerable regions.


My Forest Armenia hopes that as you participate and appreciate our positive results, you will consider not only compensating what you have soiled last month or last year but all of your emissions during your lifetime.

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Indeed, while most of us were not aware of the consequences of burning fossil fuels in the past, now that we are, it is simply an ethical question to take responsibility for the impact we have caused on the planet.

Beyond doing the right thing for each of us individually and for the planet, increasing forest coverage in any country has many positive impacts on the local climate such as better air quality, lower temperatures, preserving freshwater resources, stopping soil erosion, and beautifying the country, etc. In short, it is all about caring and ensuring to leave the same living conditions we have known for the generations who will live after us on Earth.


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