Importance of Forests
Importance of Forests

Trees are magical, they accomplish incredible functions.When millions of trees grow together, together they become a living organism, which has a multiplier effect, a system that is essential for sustaining life on our planet.

Around 80% of our water resources come from forests, it’s the trees’ root systems that retain the rainfall water and release it in the form of sources and rivers. Forests harbor most of Earth’s terrestrial biodiversity. They provide habitats for 80% of amphibians, 75% of birds, and 68% of mammal species.

How we treat forests has an ultimate effect on the life of all this living world. Forests stop soil erosion, increase humidity and lower temperature, prevent desertification, produce oxygen, and absorb CO₂, forests are the source of food and medicine. But also, creating new forests means creating employment for local populations and giving them the tools for a better future.

In short, forests are essential for life on this planet. Protecting them or restoring forest coverage is all about ensuring to leave the same living conditions we have known for the generations who will live after us on Earth.

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