On May 2, 2024, the official opening of our new 500m2 Gugark Greenhouse and anti-hail network took place in Lori region, in our “Benjamin Gumuchdjian” nursery. Both were built with the support of the Embassy of Japan in Armenia within the framework of the Human Security “Grassroots” grant program (GGP). 
official opening of Gugark Greenhouse MFA 1
Mr. AOKI Yutaka, Ambassador of Japan in Armenia, Gor Asryan, the Deputy Governor of Lori region,  representatives of Vanadzor municipality, Gugark community, and the Ministry of Environment attended the ceremony.

“This project has a significant role in the prevention of natural disasters in Lori region, such as floods and landslides, and it has been a great pleasure for us to support it, said Ambassador Aoki in his speech"․

Gor Asryan, the deputy governor of Lori, mentioned in his speech: “On behalf of the Governor, I would like to thank all parties involved for this new investment in our marz. These new facilities will allow a better efficiency for reforestation work. I would like to stress out the great cooperation relationship between the governor’s office  and My Forest Armenia, and our readiness to support all initiatives that aim to support reforestation in Lori.”

The new greenhouse will produce an additional 122.400 close-roots seedlings. These latest additions will significantly increase our capacity. We will be able to grow species in our new and large greenhouse that are hard to cultivate in the nursery, as well as allow earlier planting in the fall season or later planting in the spring. 

official opening of Gugark Greenhouse MFAThe anti-hail net covers a surface of 6,600 m2 and is an impressive addition to our infrastructure. Beyond safeguarding young seedlings from hail, it will also provide protection from the sun in the intense summer months, ensuring the optimal conditions for their growth.

The positive impact of this project is significant, we have substantially raised our production capacity and we at My Forest Armenia are excited that these additions will effectively support our efforts to increase the forest cover in Armenia․

We express our deepest gratitude to the Embassy of Japan for their generous support and commitment to preserving the environment.

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