We have great news to announce! My Forest Armenia has been approved by the prestigious King Baudouin Foundation of Belgium as a partner organization. Donors in Belgium, Europe and Australia can now benefit from tax-exempt donations.
Created in 1976 by King Baudouin of Belgium, the foundation supports many charities in different fields. Over the years, it has accepted other charitable organizations as partners. The biggest advantage is that donors can benefit from tax exemption of their donations.

Furthermore, the King Baudouin Foundation is quite dynamic and has established numerous partnerships with other countries bringing benefits to many European countries, as of now, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Denmark. 

You can donate to the King Baudouin Foundation by making a donation online

Or, preferably, make a bank transfer to:

Koning Boudewijn Stichting - Fondation Roi Baudouin. IBAN: BE10.0000.0000.0404, structural reference: +++623/3888/10061+++ 

Tax-Deductible Donations in Australia
In addition, KBF has agreements with organizations on other continents. My Forest Armenia has thus applied for and was approved by Myriad Australia for tax-exemption donations in Australia.
You can donate to Myriad Australia by making a donation online
Or, preferably, make a bank transfer to:
Myriad Australia BSB: 013400 Account number: 476055509 Reference: My Forest Armenia
How much should one donate? All of us are emitting CO2. As a rule of thumb, depending on our consumption and lifestyle, each of us should offset our pollution by planting 100 to 500 trees per year. You can do it one time or monthly. With the benefit of tax exemption, you can be extra generous for the future of the planet. You may also consider compensating the past years.
Take the opportunity of this exceptional news, and make tax-deductible donations today to plant trees and help increase forest coverage.
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