Children’s first visit to the forest is in the magical world of fairy tales. Their eyes shine hearing about the forest dwellers. They dream of appearing in that amazing world, and they cannot even imagine that today, forests are in danger. But there are parents who are already aware of this danger and are taking care of their children’s sustainable future.

On the occasion of International Day for the Protection of Children on June 1, we invited parents who monthly donate trees in the name of their children to visit our Jrashen afforestation area with their children. Here we have placed a beautiful frame with the title “Growing up together” so that every year children can take a photo on the background of growing trees while growing up with them.

“Our first child was born during the pandemic, when the severity of the threats to the world, also in the ecological sense, was felt the most. It was then that “My Forest Armenia” launched the opportunity to donate a tree every month, and my husband and I simultaneously had the idea of planting a tree every month for our son,” says Ani, one of our monthly donors. “We are very excited, counting how many trees Andranik, our son, will have planted in the forests of Armenia when he becomes an adult. 

Of course, what we planted will not reach one hectare. Still, if more parents join, our children will have hectares of forests in 20-25 years,” says Ani.

The seedlings planted in Jrashen are still so small that they are hardly seen among the grass. As the children grow, these seedlings will grow with them and become a forest with all the “magic” of biodiversity we have told them about in fairy tales.

Protection of children begins with the environment in which they are born and grow up. Environmental problems directly affect the health and quality of life of our children. When taking care of the environment, we take care of our children. Indeed, the first parents to plant trees for their children were our team members. Today, we are happy that more and more parents join the monthly donors of “My Forest Armenia,” planting trees in the name of their children and getting certificates from us. You can also join them by donating and planting trees in the name of your children every month.

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