Workers preparing soil for containers

The work in our Greenhouse usually starts already in early February. Workers prepare the peat, sand, and other materials at the beginning of March, fill the containers, then sow the seeds. This year we sowed only birch seeds considering the needs of the reforestation areas we will cover this fall. 

Birch seedlings in containers

Specifics of birch seeds

There is an interesting fact about the birch seeds. They are like dust weighing about 0.1 grams each. And each grain is a future birch tree. While sowing birch, our workers put a pinch of that seed dust in a number of containers. We have a « bunch » of trees in each container when the seeds germinate. Afterward, workers carefully remove the very young seedlings and put one in each container.  

Moving birch seedlings to Gugark

Doubling the capacity

The Greenhouse has a capacity of holding 72.000 containers. Can you imagine how much this amount will be multiplied by the seeds germinating? Now double that amount! Dr. Gary Assarian, who generously sponsored the establishment of our Greenhouse in 2021, made another important donation this year. Thanks to his contribution, we purchased a second set of 72,000 containers and 1,500 boxes. This allows us to do two sowing rotations in the Greenhouse.

Second set of containers and boxes

Already at the end of May, in the warm and humid environment of the Greenhouse, the birch seedlings of the first rotation were ready. At the beginning of June, we took the seedlings to our Benjamin Gumuchdjian Nursery warehouse in Gugark, where they will continue growing in the open air. The sowing of the second rotation started immediately after that. They will germinate at the end of June.

Birch seedlings first rotation in Gugark

Join the process

We will be able to plant the first birch seedlings grown in the containers in 

Dr. Gary and Linda Assarian Greenhouse

 already in October, during the upcoming planting season, Fall Planting 2023. We are grateful that Dr. Assarian has boosted our production capacity. You can also participate in helping us to plant the increased number of container seedlings. Join the planting season by becoming a monthly donor or making a one-time donation. This will be your long-term contribution to future generations.

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