Our Mission

Our Mission

By empowering local communities, under the direction of scientists and expert foresters, our mission is to sustainably increase forest coverage, thus decreasing carbon in the atmosphere, combating soil erosion and desertification; and to preserve biodiversity using numerous endemic tree species.

Our Vision

Humans need to learn to live in harmony with nature. Forests and their complex ecosystems are essential for sustaining life on this planet. We need to restore our forests and reconnect people with nature.

Our Values

We ascribe to the following values: 

  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Efficiency 
  • Care

Sustainable Development Goals

The main focuses of our organization are two of the 17 SDGs voted by the United Nations:

Combat climate change by reducing carbon in the atmosphere

Protect and restore ecosystems, manage forests and combat desertification

At the same time these other SDGs will also be achieved:

Reduce poverty by lifting communities

Improve nutrition

Ensure availability of water

Promote sustainable economic growth