Nurseries (4)

Introduction to the forest nurseries

In order to do large-scale reforestation projects, we need hundreds of thousands of plants. For that, we need large nurseries where seeds can grow in a controlled environment.

The aim of creating different nurseries is to ensure adaptability and biodiversity. We have nurseries in different regions of Armenia and at different altitudes. The reason is to raise our opportunity to grow more tree and shrub species that specifically address reforestation/afforestation requirements.

Our nursery activity is based on ongoing research.

Lori region

Debet (COAF)

My Forest Armenia’s Debet nursery is located on the grounds of the COAF SMART Center and covers about 1.5 ha area. Altitude is 1000 m. Climate and soil conditions will allow us to grow 17 tree and 10 shrub species. With the tree and shrub seedlings grown here we are going to address forest restoration projects mostly in Lori, on areas located up to 1400 m. The forest nursery plot is not far from Vanadzor-Alaverdi main road. Currently, 7 people from Debet work in the Debet nursery.

Benjamin Gumuchdjian Nursery, Gugark

Gugark nursery is located not far from the Vanadzor-Dilijan main road and covers about 3,5 ha. Altitude is 1700 m. Climate and soil conditions in Gugark, will allow us to grow about 10 tree and 5 shrub species with bareroot system. With the seedlings grown here, we will address mostly regions that are located at higher altitudes (1500-2200 m). Currently, 24 people work in the Gugark nursery.

Tavush region


The nursery in Haghartsin covers about 2,1 ha. From here, a fantastic view opens to Aghstev river gorge with high forested mountains. The altitude of the forest nursery plot is 1300 m. The soil and climatic conditions in Haghartsin allow us to grow and prepare about 15 tree and 10 shrub species. Tree and shrub seedlings grown here will address forest restoration projects in Tavush, Lori and surrounding regions with similar altitude and soil climatic conditions.