Did you know that September marks the beginning of a crucial season for nature in Armenia?

It’s the seeding season! This is when our team sets out to collect the seeds of various trees from the forests of Armenia.

Types of Seeds Collected

Our workers have been gathering seeds of oak, beech, maple, birch, wild pear, and apple trees from the forests since the end of September. When we need more seeds than we can collect ourselves, we purchase them from local farmers.


Acorn collection in our Gugark Nursery, Lori, Armenia.

What’s the Process?

The work doesn’t stop there! After we’ve collected the seeds, we begin the seed processing step. Our team makes sure to clean, dry, and sort the seeds to keep only the good ones ready for sowing in our two nurseries and the greenhouse.

We’re proud of our work since every seed we collect and process becomes the start of a new life and that of a new forest.

Our Organization’s Impact

We believe that our work is making a real difference in the planet and in Armenia. While we’re taking care of the environment, our social impact is equally important, as every step of our work creates job opportunities, especially in rural communities. We are committed to continuing our efforts to protect the environment by creating forests and preserving the existing ones. Thank you for your interest in our work! Together, we can make the world a better place for generations to come.

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