As the autumn leaves gracefully make their final descent, we find ourselves at the end of the incredible journey we’ve embarked upon during the fall planting season of 2023. 

In the heart of Armenia, our team has been on a mission to transform these barren mountains into lush havens of biodiversity. We are thrilled to share with you the extraordinary results of our fall planting season.

Starting on October 13 with 81,606 birch seedlings in containers, we continued planting with 38,554 open roots seedlings in Lernajur. At the same time, 5 teams planted another 120,353 trees in Urasar. The total number of trees and shrubs this fall is 583,531, a record number for our organization.

This was, on many levels, an organizational challenge, as up to 37,000 plants had to be dug out of the nursery, checked, counted, and wrapped to be sent to the planting sites, but we are happy to say that everything went smoothly.

Our dedicated team of 200 tree planters, 20 foremen, 35 nursery workers, 20 drivers, field coordinators, and managers, fueled by passion and a shared commitment to improve the environment, has done staggering work.  Except for one day of rain, we were also greatly helped by the weather that allowed us to plant non-stop until November 12. Remember that we plant in mountainous areas up to 2300m high.

In total, we’ve planted 14 different types of trees 30% Caucasian oak trees, 22% wild pear trees, 14% pine trees, 14% birch trees, 8% wild apple trees, and 12% other types of trees, including shrubs.

The total number of trees planted in 2023 is 910,303, This achievement is not just a number; it’s a celebration of our shared vision for a greener, more vibrant Armenia.

 It’s a tribute to the countless hands that tirelessly worked to nurture these saplings. With every tree planted, we’ve not only contributed to the restoration of our natural landscapes but also created a legacy of sustainability that will endure for hundreds of years. It’s worth noting that 224 volunteers also helped us plant these trees this year.

The area in Lernajur is adjacent to a standing birch forest. We planted more than 80,000 birch trees there, among other tree species, and the seeds of these birch trees were collected in that same area last year. The new forest will become one day a continuation of the natural forest and make the local forest ecosystem stronger.

As to Urasar, the area has parcels of naturally regenerating pine, oak, maple, and hornbeam forests, and our work will support the accelerated rebirth of a rich ecosystem that will serve the community for decades.

As we bid farewell to the fall planting season, let us carry the warmth of these accomplishments into the winter ahead.  We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who played a role in making this season aresounding success. Your dedication and love for our planet are the driving forces behind these incredible milestones.

Looking forward, let’s continue to nurture the seeds we’ve planted, both in the ground and in our hearts. Together, we will rejoice watching as our forests flourish, providing shelter to diverse wildlife, purifying the air we breathe, and supporting the communities in a multitude of ways.


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