Exploring Nature's Mysteries in a Competitive Context
Nature Quiz Night: Exploring Nature's Mysteries in a Competitive Context

On the 2nd of February, 2024, My Forest Armenia hosted a Nature Quiz Night at the Marriott Hotel in Armenia. It was an evening filled with laughter, camaraderie, and a celebration of our shared love for the environment and our forests.

A Night of Nature and Knowledge

A total of 96 participants who had all volunteered to plant trees with My Forest Armenia representing 12 partner companies and organizations gathered to take part in this event. The Nature Quiz Night was designed to be a blend of fun and education, featuring 24 questions crafted to test participants' knowledge of nature-related riddles and general topics.

Our host for the evening was Karen Kocharyan, the quizmaster of Armenia on TV who graciously accepted to host this event. In recognition of his contribution, Karen received 100 trees planted in his name.

The winning team was UN Armenia, followed by Adobe and ArmSwissbank both only one point behind. As a reward for their impressive knowledge and spirit, UN Armenia received 960 trees planted in their name - 10 trees for each participant of the Quiz Night. 

Gratitude to Our Partners

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Marriott Hotel and its director for graciously granting us their largest hall for the event. Special appreciation goes to Savar Winery for providing complimentary wine and adding a touch of sophistication to the event.

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