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Viva CSR vision is to enhance the status of the company better and by positioning and developing its role as a pre-eminent local financial and business centre working for the benefit of Armenians, Armenia, and its nation at large.

Viva is well aware that Corporate Social Responsibility is the subject of increasing attention and discussion at national and international levels bringing the business closer to society. Businesses that choose to ignore their society can harm their success.

Viva believes in its capacity to contribute to promoting the understanding of multidimensional and evolving nature of CSR, hoping to set an example for other local institutions to follow the same steps.

For us, CSR is to work and build a business and social relationships based on respect, ethics, dedication, responsibility, and trust; to maintain a healthy and safe workplace for all our employees; to provide the conditions which are conducive to the development of the professional strengths and sense of individual accountability; to strive for equal approach in employee hiring and promotion; to keep honest relationships with suppliers; to deliver quality service for all our citizens.

Prosperity cannot be maximized in isolation; we must build it hand in hand, and it is hand in hand that we should walk towards future Armenia.

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