Start of Vegetation Year 2020

Our workers in Debet Nursery

the first seedlings of ash trees popping outLast year My Forest Armenia created two nurseries in the province of Lori,  we sowed more than 2 million seeds of nine different forest tree species in November 2019. With Mother Nature waking up at the end of March 2020,  vegetation year work has started.
Soil preparation in Debet Nursery.In our Debet Nursery which we operate on the grounds of our partner COAF SMART Center, our workers started soil preparation works for pine seeds sowing. It is moving and inspiring to see them working with smiles on their faces.
In Debet, we were excited to see the first seedlings of ash trees popping out of the earth. They are still tiny but these seedlings are the first testimony of our reforestation preparation becoming  reality. Soil preparation in Gugark.
In Gugark, which is our main nursery location, we also started soil preparation for sowing 25 kg of pine seeds as soon as the weather permits. We also planted 12,000 cuttings of four different species of shrubs and 6,000 cuttings of two species of forest trees. To create healthy forests experts recommend planting 30% of shrubs, as they will attract insects, birds, etc. This ensures biodiversity.
By the end of the year we will have our first tree species (oak, beech) ready for planting in our reforestation areas.