My Forest Armenia Nursery Manager, awarded departmental gold medal of the Ministry of Environment, RA
We are proud that Gagik Amiryan, our expert nursery manager and forester, has been awarded the departmental gold medal of the Ministry of Environment. Gagik’s work over the decades has seen him acquire unparalleled expertise in all matters regarding forestry and nursery management. We are also happy to say that despite his demanding high standards from our workers for the benefit of quality reforestation, Gagik is a profoundly human and kind person, passionate about Russian literature, humorous, easy to talk to and always ready to help others and share his wealth of knowledge. This honor also reflects on My Forest Armenia and is a testimony to the high quality of our team, 28 people now! Congratulations Gagik and team! 
There is no waste in nature
The tough and painstaking work of maintaining the growing patches in our nurseries has begun. After tilling the soil in the fall and spring, all kinds of herbs grow through the fields together with the germinating seedlings. The only way to remove them without damaging the plants is to delicately remove them by hand while leaving the young tree seedlings intact. 
There is no waste in nature, the discarded herbs are put in a ditch, covered with earth and it will become rich soil for next year.
First oak and pine tree seedlings
We are so happy to see our first oak seedlings germinating and springing out of the ground! Being the noblest species, isn’t it natural that it comes last out of the ground? Our hearts were throbbing. Will the seeds germinate? Didn’t the winter ruin them? What a relief to see the plants unfolding their first leaves out of the ground in the sun.  The local oak species quercus macranthera is a highly desirable tree in our forests and we are proud that we will soon be planting them in the fields to be reforested.
We were equally excited to see the young pine seedlings sprouting from the ground barely three weeks after sowing them. It is so cute to see them popping out with the seed still attached to the first needles.
Weather conditions were stressful, as an unexpected patch of cold weather with negative temperature swept through the region for a few days just as the plants were germinating, but the seedlings held well and are now growing strongly.
Construction works in Gugark Nursery
Construction work has started at our main nursery. We are laying the foundation for a worker’s house, a nursery manager’s office and visitor center. The foundation area covers a surface of 18 x 6 m.
With the warmer weather, we hired two more workers to help Sargis, our construction specialist.
Decorative trees planted in Gugark Nursery
There is no contradiction between having a large nursery and a pretty one. With well defined roads and alleys, our nursery in Gugark will look as beautiful as it will be productive. It’s not only about looks, the trees will also serve as wind breakers. The area is at high altitude and the winds can be very strong. We planted different local varieties of the same trees we will use in the reforesting process, oak, beech, birch, etc.

International Day of Biodiversity
Today, May 22nd, is the international day of biological diversity. The theme this year is “Our solutions are in nature.” Increasing forests is preserving biodiversity. Let’s celebrate with My Forest Armenia!