Sowing seeds in the nurseries – done!

We will wait for new seedlings in the spring: oak, beech, maple and many others
This year we have sown about 750 kilograms of Caucasian oak seeds in our nurseries.
We collected the seeds from Lori and Tavush regions. For certain hard to find species, our employees collect the fruits and then clean them one by one before sowing. At this moment we have already finished sowing oak, beech, maple and many other seeds in our Gugark “Benjamin Gumuchdjian” and Debet nurseries.
Seeing the seeds germinating in the spring will be a special moment of excitement. Before that the seeds will “sleep warmly” in the soil under a blanket of snow.
We expect a total of 600 to 700.000 seedlings to germinate next year.
Hard work is being done behind the scenes to ensure the viability of seedlings after planting to create a healthy and sustainable forest ecosystem. 
Each of us can participate in the restoration of forests. If you cannot plant trees on your own every month, we will do it for you. Just become a monthly donor to plant one or more trees every month, you will thus take care of ensuring a green future for our next generations.