Record Number Planted: 475.000 trees

The results of Fall Planting 2022 are more than exciting! A total of exactly 475․184 trees were planted in Lori! This number is double than last fall planting!

Hitting the goals

This season, we planted in a new afforestation area: Jrashen II. The area has mostly a northern exposure, with good quality land. The favorable weather allowed us to plant non-stop for nearly a month. During this period, we succeeded in covering the whole area, planting 402,710 trees, of which 200.000 trees on behalf of One Tree Planted. Some parts of the mountain were too rocky and unsuitable for planting. The surface covered with the forest is 110 ha. Because of the altitude, the number of species was more limited, with pines and oaks representing the majority. Still, we also planted another six species in the lower parts, like birches, wild pears, maples, etc.

People who plant forests

The number of workers involved in planting this year also hit a record, reaching 190 people. Each of them was a real hero, planting non-stop, 100-150 trees daily. The biggest challenge was the steep terrain, with altitudes from 2150 to 2400m. Some planting areas were impossible to reach by any vehicle, and workers had to carry the bundles of seedlings on their shoulders up the mountain. This was tough work. To ease their job, we brought a horse and a donkey. It turned out to be an excellent, ecologically friendly solution that much helped our workers.

Tree planting volunteers

Our volunteers joined us in scoring records this season. We had more than 320 tree-planting volunteers from such companies and organizations as Synopsys, Viva-MTS, DataArt, Aregak, ACBA Bank, Zevit, Marriott, Holiday Inn, and United Nations Armenia. Their help and support were much appreciated, but even more crucial was their consciousness of the importance of forests and the realization of how difficult and huge this work was. Everyone needs to be involved in creating forests.

Good results, can we do more?

We planted 475․184 trees in one season․ This was a good result for us. It would have been impossible without the support of our partners, and corporate and individual donors worldwide. We can and should do more. With this season’s result, our new goal of 800.000 trees per year will be achieved and probably even surpassed by 2025. This is good news and is sorely needed for the planet, this will represent 240 ha of new forests per year.

You should know that with each new season, our tree planters become more and more enthusiastic and appreciative of their work. They are grateful for this opportunity and excited for the greener future of the country: for their children and grandchildren, and thankful to the donors who make this all possible.

Join us in creating forests

It is your donation that makes this possible and that makes our planet a better place to live. Let’s do it! Join us now. Plant trees every month!