Planting with Corporations: CSR Best Practices

How to combat the loss of forest coverage when you are a business? This is a question that forward-looking companies often ask us. Currently, we have 17 corporate partnerships that are financing the creation of forests. Yet, some don’t stop at that and in addition, involve their teams and even customers in tree planting or other aspects of reforestation. Below we share with you some of our inspiring partnerships.

Cultivating a Responsible Culture

Synopsys Armenia is well-known for cultivating a responsible culture among its employees, who are often engaged in STEM, social, ecological, health, and other humanitarian initiatives by sharing their time, passion, and talent to strengthen local communities. In 2021 we started our cooperation by planting the first 2.000 trees. Although voluntary opportunities were suspended during COVID-19, Synopsys Global Impact Day in the spring of 2021 was dedicated to reforestation. Over 100 employees attended the “Challenges of Reforestation” webinar held by Andre Gumuchdjian, the founder of My Forest Armenia.

In May 2022, the company initiated the “Invest In Our Planet” voluntary event. 35 employees volunteered to do mulching of 2.000 trees funded by Synopsys. The most inspiring fact about the unique culture of this company is the monetisation of volunteer time. According to the Synopsys Special Matching Gift program, the company converts each hour of volunteering into a certain amount of money, then triples that amount and donates it to My Forest Armenia for forest creation. As a result, every employee hour has a four-fold impact!

Power of One Dram

IDBank and Idram Payment System in the framework of their joint initiative: “The Power of One Dram,” which aims to donate 1 AMD ($ 0,002) for every transaction made by users on their Idram application platform․ The initiative ended up tallying more than 10 million transactions during the months of March and April. This translated into 16.550 trees that were planted in our Jrashen afforestation area. Furthermore, 150 employees volunteered to participate in many aspects of reforestation: planting trees, mulching, and watering. This was the largest team of volunteers we have ever had!

Christmas is not about cutting down trees

This was the name of the Christmas campaign EasyPay initiated in December 2021. The company encouraged its customers to plant a tree instead of cutting one and throwing it away after the holidays. They announced planting one tree for every payment done using their QR code system during the whole month of December. When the campaign was over, 2.740 QR payments were made. During our Spring Planting 2022, we planted those trees in our reforestation area in Dilijan National Park.

Aregak UCOAnniversary Forest

In celebration of its 25th anniversary this year, “Aregak” UCO decided to fund the planting of 25.000 trees, thus establishing 7 hectares of new forests in our Jrashen afforestation area. This is a great way to celebrate an anniversary while having an ecological impact in the most symbolic and long-lasting way: creating a forest.

Converting Sustainable Ideas into Trees

Considering that all of their activities impact this world, the SOL Group from Italy decided to move towards more sustainable development. Hence, they strongly believe in involving their employees in this challenging pathway. SOL Group asked all of them for their active participation by suggesting sustainable ideas which will also translate into something tangible for Nature: a SOL Group forest.

Sharing ideas and projects, each employee used the opportunity to speak their minds and offered many suggestions to make various processes (in manufacturing, distribution, etc) more sustainable thereby contributing to the development of the sustainable growth of the Group’s activities. For each proposal shared and received by the headquarters, the Group committed to planting 200 trees. Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of many of its 5.000 employees, the company planted 50,000 trees. What a fantastic result!

Do these stories inspire you? After all, creating forests is the epitome of long-term commitment to the environment. A company that engages in reforestation sends a very powerful message to its employees and its customers. Let your imagination flow and contact us to implement an original best practice together!