Planting is not the whole story

There are two planting seasons in Armenia: fall and spring. Depending on the weather, both seasons last two to three weeks. While planting is the most visible part of the reforestation work, it is by far not all. This is one of the complexities of creating a forest when the most important part comes before and afterward. Before planting trees in the afforestation areas, we grow the seedlings at the nurseries. During the next couple of years, we take care of the trees so that the largest possible number of them becomes mature, which will ensure the success of the afforestation project.

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

After planting it is important to help the seedling to adapt to the new conditions. It means removing weeds that grow close to the tree and also if possible creating conditions for the water accumulation in the soil around the seedling.

There are several techniques to do maintenance. One that is most convenient to our conditions is mulching. It means putting straw or other organic material around the seedling. This helps to retain water, reduces the evaporation of water from the soil, and also prevents from weeds growing close to the seedlings.

Mulching is a must

Research, data analysis, and problem diagnostics are leading us to the best solutions. Last year we faced a long drought that started at the end of May. Because of that, the survival rate of the new-planted trees went down before we started the mulching in June. This year, we made several changes to our schedule and the maintenance activities. Starting with Fall Planting 2021 in November, we used zeolite, which helps to accumulate water in the soil. We also started the mulching of every seedling right after planting, in order to be ready for any climatic anomalies.

Our workers mulched each of the 425.835 trees planted during Fall Planting 2021 and Spring Planting 2022. To say that this was a HUGE work is to say nothing! However, our workers managed to do everything in time. The results of their work will be estimated and published after the yearly monitoring that we do in August.

Join the process

We can’t go without mentioning the great help from the Synopsys team. They volunteered to spend one day joining our workers to mulch nearly one hectare of the planted area. They did an amazing job! Even better, they are planning to come regularly during the summer to water the young seedlings. Apart from volunteering, the employees of our corporate partners are also making individual donations to help nature.

By making a donation you not only plant trees but also ensure three years’ maintenance of your trees․ This also means job opportunities for people living in neighboring communities. Your impact becomes even bigger when you become a monthly donor. So, don’t hesitate and start planting trees for life today!