Corporate Partners

Delen Private Bank

Partner since 2021 Number of trees planted0 Delen Private Bank is a wealth manager specialised in discretionary wealth management and estate planning. Its mission is to protect, grow and plan its clients’ assets. Delen’s philosophy is based on personal contact, a long term vision and a sustainable approach. Two stable shareholders constitute the bank’s solid base: the Delen family and Ackermans & van Haaren holding. Around 450 people work in our 14 offices across Belgium. By the end of 2021, assets under management accounted to 54.3 billion euros. Feel free to come and meet us in one of our offices, or visit our website

IGC Group

Partner since 2020 Number of trees planted0 Since 1893 IGC Group has been delivering Belgian Excellence in Diamonds to luxury jewelry brand houses all over the world. The company calculated its CO₂ emission and decided to not only lower its worldwide emission but also compensate CO₂ by funding the European tree planting project of My Forest Armenia.


Partner since 2021 Number of trees planted0 Founded in 1927, the SOL Group operates in the area of the production, applied research and marketing of technical and medical gases, in the Home Care services sector, in the biotechnologies sector and in the production of energy from renewable sources. Sustainability has been central to the SOL Group’s strategy since its foundation. So they decided to fund the reforestation project of My Forest Armenia.