United Nations Armenia

Partner since 2022 Number of trees planted0 “We are sure that the results of our assistance to strategic, long-term environmental programs for the country will contribute to the increase of Armenia’s forest cover, as well as positively impact the development of communities,” stated Ms. Lila Pieters Yahia, the UN Resident Coordinator a.i.

One Tree Planted

Partner since 2022 Number of trees planted0 One Tree Planted is a US-based nonprofit organization focused on global reforestation. Before they even reached a decade of planting, they’d gotten more than 40 million trees in the ground! Since 2014, they have more than doubled the number of trees planted each year and are working with partners across 47+ countries in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific. Last year alone, 23,588,232 trees were planted through 166 projects in 42 countries worldwide. In the scope of our cooperation we will plant 1.200.000 trees over three years in Armenia.


Partner since 2022 Number of trees planted0 Viva-MTS CSR vision is to enhance the status of the company better and by positioning and developing its role as a pre-eminent local financial and business centre working for the benefit of Armenians, Armenia, and its nation at large. Viva-MTS is well aware that Corporate Social Responsibility is the subject of increasing attention and discussion at national and international levels bringing the business closer to society. Businesses that choose to ignore their society can harm their success. Viva-MTS believes in its capacity to contribute to promoting the understanding of multidimensional and evolving nature of CSR, hoping to set an example for other


Partner since 2020 Number of trees planted0 Ness is partnering with leaders in business and society to tackle not only their most important challenges but those facing our global population today. The company aims to distinguish their clients’ greatest opportunities with a focus on long-term sustainability and human capability. Ness Advisors help major corporations reduce their carbon footprint while happily contributing to My Forest Armenia.


Partner since 2021 Number of trees planted0 Nelco specialises in the recycling of powder coatings from around Europe. Waste powders are re-used in new products such as acoustic panels for the automotive industry and insulation felt for the textile industry, replacing harmful products. As a sustainable company, we wish to contribute to this reforestation project in order to improve living environment and to leave the planet a bit greener for our successors.