Our plans for 2022

Young forests in the ancient country

We start 2022 with great expectations. This is our third year of activity, and our young forests will conquer new areas, while already planted trees will grow and strengthen. Last year we succeeded in our plans to plant more than 310,000 trees, as well as to take care of the trees planted in 2020. This year we will continue with the same principle: first, take care of the trees already planted and plant new trees. By 2022, we plan to plant 400,000 trees in total. Again, we will plant mainly pine, oak, wild pear, bread, maple, as well as rowan, and a number of other shrubs.

This year we will start the preparations for our next area in Jrashen community, Jrashen 2, where new employees from nearby settlements will be involved. 

Cooperation with organizations, companies, and individuals in Armenia and outside it is very important for us, and many have already expressed their willingness to support our work, which is extremely encouraging. We will definitely talk about the implementation of these projects during the course of 2022.

Looking back at the activities of only 2.5-year-old My Forest Armenia, we can proudly state that with the help of our partners and donors, we have already carried out afforestation of about 150 hectares in Lori and Tavush regions, where we have planted 384,066 trees. We have built two nurseries in Debet and Gugark, as well as, thanks to the financial support of Gary and Linda Assarians and in cooperation with the National Agrarian University of Armenia, one greenhouse in Vanadzor.

Everyone can contribute to make all this happen. Become a donor by making a monthly or one-time donation. By planting even one tree a month, you have a real contribution to the creation of a green future in Armenia.