Our first pine trees

First planting of pine trees

This week we planted our first pine trees. Two years ago we sowed our first pine seeds in our nurseries, waiting for the moment when the pines would become independent to grow in the wild. Now 21,000 pines are already planted in the afforestation area of Jrashen.
“For all of us, planting a tree is much like the birth of a child. After birth, parents take care of him, take him to nursery, school and one day he starts living on his own. The same process is with trees: the trees are born in the nursery, we take care of them and when they have grown enough, we send them to the forest to live independently.Now we are moving the pines to Jrashen”, says Suren Postolakyan, our employee of “Benjamin Gumuchdjian” nursery, while carefully digging out the pines from the soil and bundling hundreds of them together in a bucket․
If you haven’t planted a tree yet, now is the right time to join us, not only to plant a tree, but also to be part of creating new forest in Armenia. Join our monthly donors program and donate 1, 5, 10 or more trees per month!
Trees matter. They keep us alive, they lift our hearts. Let’s care for the next generation.