Institutional Partners

Institutional partners


The Armenian National Agrarian University is our main scientific and research partner. We will collaborate in many different ways, from seed quality analysis to monitoring the growing forests. The Agrarian University branch in Vanadzor is hosting our newly constructed “Gary and Linda Assarian” greenhouse, where the first works will start in the spring of 2022 . The main surface will be used for the nursery and some parts will be dedicated to research conducted by the professors and the students of the University.


We are collaborating closely with the Ministry of Environment and the following 2 state non-commercial organizations:“Hayantar” and “Dilijan National Park”, both operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Environment. With the Ministry, we are coordinating our various reforestation projects.


We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with “Dilijan National Park” SNCO. We will collaborate in different areas. Our first project is the reforestation of 20 ha of degraded forests inside the National park.

Dilijan National Park


“Hayantar” SNCO is responsible for the most part of the forest areas in Armenia. We have signed an MoU with “Hayantar” and will closely collaborate with them from identifying high-quality trees and seed collecting to reforesting lands under their management.

Non-Governmental Organisations


We have signed an agreement with COAF and have established a nursery on the grounds of their Smart Center in Debet village in 2019. The partnership between COAF and My Forest Armenia is a particularly good  match as there is a high synergy between both our aims and activities which are to help the economic development of villages around Armenia. Seven workers from Debet village are working in our nursery.


We started a strategic partnership with CO2logic, a Belgian based company. Founded by Antoine Geerinckx in 2007, the company, with close to 30 experts, is a specialized consultant for fossil fuel emissions calculation, reduction and mitigation. It acts as an adviser to companies seeking to reduce and offset their carbon footprint.
Our collaboration will take three forms, we are preparing a large-scale carbon offset program with internationally recognised certificates. We are also one of four approved reforestation projects for their recently created tree-planting entity Go Forest. We will benefit in the coming months from the crowdfunding platform EarthFunders.