Fall Planting and Sowing 2021

Seed collection and preparation

This year we purchased more than 3,200 kilograms of acorns from different communities of Lori and Tavush provinces. The 800 kg of the seeds were sown in our nurseries to prepare next year’s seedlings and the rest, or about 2.400 kg, were sown directly in our reforestation areas. Direct sowing is preferable in difficult terrain, as the seedlings do not need to be moved.
Some tree species need to be prepared. For example, this year we were able to buy wild pears or sorbus aucuparia (pictured) so our workers collected the seeds directly from the fruits.

287,000 trees planted

About 100 workers from the communities of Lori Province are involved in tree planting this fall. They are coming from 26 different communities. We are on the way to plant, weather permitting, 287,000 trees this fall and 150,000 in the spring of 2022.
To ensure the viability of the seedlings, this year we are testing a new technique: adding zeolite to the soil. Zeolite is a natural crystalline mineral, it has the advantage of increasing humidity. It could be crucial in case of dry weather in late spring.

Next Target: Jrashen 2

We are happy to announce that our next afforestation area is Jrashen 2, an area of ​​150 hectares. It is facing Jrashen 1 and has the big advantage of having mostly northern exposure, which means good quality land and high moisture. One drawback though is that many areas are quite steep. It will be a challenge both for fencing as for planting. We will start planting there in the fall of 2022.

Fund a tree per month

We are excited to follow the course we have set and we really need your help. Each of us can become a monthly donor and contribute to building a green future. Yes, we need hundreds of thousands of trees to create sustainable forests, and yes, we can be hundreds of thousands there funding 1, 5 or more trees per month. Small donations, when put together, can make a real difference. So plan your green future with us – donate to plant trees every month!