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WHY Planting Trees?

Due to global warming our planet is suffering and increasingly so is human kind. There are many high-tech solutions to the problem of global warming, but we should not forget the solution that is natural and right in front of us: Planting Trees.
Trees are not only natural machines that suck CO2 out of the air, but they deliver so much more: they release oxygen in the air, increase the humidity in our heating climate, create fresh water supply, preserve the lives of animals, vital insects and plants on whom we depend for our food.

DIRECT funding of European Forests

There is no other way to get closer to efficient reforestation than by partnering with My Forest Armenia. We are a non-profit organization with a strong base in Belgium and Armenia. We focus on creating forests on the European continent and will plant 1,6 million trees by 2024. We are unique because we are a non-intermediary organization, planning and planting the trees ourselves. We are fully in control of our reforestation work and we will communicate directly with your company’s CSR or sustainability team. No other reforestation organization offers the same level of efficiency, control
or direct access to the reforestation project. That is why we are always open to discuss your needs or specific wishes regarding tree planting.

CONTACT our Partner Relations Manager

Contact Wendy Peleman, our Belgian Partner Relations Manager, to receive more information on our tree funding packages. We gladly email you more information and set up a 30 min videocall to get to know each other and explain.
If needed we are also happy to assist in how to communicate on European reforestation within your own corporate sustainability program.
Contact Wendy:

More than words … watch our short videos

Enjoy interesting YouTube videos on the beautiful Armenian mountainous reforestation areas, the growing of seedlings at our 2 nurseries and our team planting rich varieties of trees. Watching the forestry specialists at My Forest Armenia educating and instructing the workers will undoubtedly convince your company about our NGO’s professionalism, passion and dedication to create those biodiversity-rich forests. Watch here.

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Corporate Partners