Autumn tree planting is over

243,000 trees or 80 hectares of new forest

243.348 trees: this is the number of trees that we have planted during this fall in My Forest Armenia afforestation areas in Jrashen and Shirakamut communities of Lori region and in Dilijan National Park, setting the beginning of new forests with an area of more than 80 hectares.
As Vahe Martirosyan, Chief operating officer of My Forest Armenia, mentions, the primary result of our work is not the number of trees planted, but the successful and comprehensive care for each seedling, from seed to tree planting, so that as many seedlings as possible become mature trees. “The process of planting is not limited to placing the seedling or seed in the soil. It is a long-term process of patient and caring work, where the priority is not to plant a large number of trees, but to work hard on them so that those trees grow and become a forest”, – says Vahe.
In almost every stage of this important work we involve the locals, thus partially or considerably solving their employment problem, as well as making them our “green ambassadors”. 
During the winter months our team will prepare for the spring tree planting, and we will be full of energy to make Armenia a greener and healthier place.