2.5 million seeds sown and other news from My Forest Armenia

Pine seeds sowing in Gugark and Debet
Contrary to most seeds that are sowed in the fall, pine seeds are sown in the spring. Our workers neatly prepared the soil and we sowed this past week 30kg of Pinus sylvestris seeds in our two nurseries. As there is about 80 to 90.000 seeds per kilo, it works out to 2.5 million seeds. About 1.500.000 were sown in Gugark and 1.000.000 in Debet. Of course not all will germinate, we should have by the end of the year about 750.000 pine seedlings coming out of the ground.
Delivery of construction material for the warehouse
On Saturday April 19, the material for the warehouse was delivered at our Gugark nursery. Soon construction will start. We are also preparing the foundation for our worker’s house.
New tree seedlings germinating in Gugark

Coming out of the ground this week are wild pears (pyrus caucasica) and maples (acer platanoides).
New: Quick CO2 Carbon Calculator
We have added a Quick CO2 emissions calculator in the Donate page. In just three lines, the impact we are having on global warming by burning fossil fuel and emitting CO2 is revealed. Of course the primary objective is to reduce emissions, so install solar panels, use heat pumps for heating and cooling your house, use bicycles and reduce flying as much as possible. Don’t feel guilty, everyone is aware these changes in our lifestyles will not happen overnight but we must all start on that road. In the meantime, you can check how much you are emitting and offset your CO2 by planting trees. Check it out.