18.000 trees Planted in UN Forest

In celebration of United Nations Day, on October 24, United Nations Armenia funded 18.000 trees to be planted in Lori Province. This is the beginning of a new UN Forest. The forest will cover 6 ha and is situated in our Jrashen II area.

The planting was part of our Fall Planting 2022. We were excited that over 50 staff members of UN Armenia voluntarily joined us in planting activities. Needless to say, we will carry out three years of maintenance, ensuring that these trees survive and grow into a forest.

“We are sure that the results of our assistance to strategic, long-term environmental programs for the country will contribute to the increase of Armenia’s forest cover, as well as positively impact the development of communities,” stated Ms. Lila Pieters Yahia, the UN Resident Coordinator a.i.

It was our pleasure and privilege to participate in the celebration of UN Day, where our founder Andre Gumuchdjian handed a Certificate for planting a UN Forest to Ms. Pieters Yahia. We are honored that the UN Armenia has trusted us to establish a forest on their behalf․