1.000.000 Seedlings in 2023

1000000 Seedlings

In parallel to planting trees in March, we started sowing seeds in our two nurseries: Debet Nursery and Benjamin Gumuchdjian Nursery in Gugark. We are aiming to have 1.000.000 seedlings from both of our nurseries.

Seed collectionSeeds stored in containersStoring the seeds

In September, we collected and purchased from villagers many different seed species. Afterward, our workers prepared them for sowing, which mostly meant removing the seeds from their protective shells. When the seeds of all the species were dried, they were stored in separate containers, waiting to be sown. We sowed most of them, oak, birch, wild apple, wild pear, maple, elm tree, etc., in November, right after the workers finished digging out seedlings for the afforestation areas. 


Sowing seeds in Spring 2023Weeding in the nurseryThis year, in early April, we have sown pine seeds. By April, the first seedlings start to sprout out of the ground. Work in the nursery reaches its maximum intensity as wild grass grows quickly, covering our tiny seedlings. Our workers have to work diligently to remove all the grass around them by hand carefully. This is really huge work! As a matter of fact, in order to keep up, we hired another two persons bringing the total to 22 workers in our Gugark nursery.


In both our nurseries, we have installed irrigation systems which becomes of the highest necessity, especially during the summer months. Renovation of irrigation systemSeedlings popping off the groundIn order to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the irrigation system, we already carry out the necessary maintenance and repair works in the spring months. This year, we renovated the water canal and irrigation system in the Benjamin Gumuchdjian Nursery in Gugark.

During Fall Planting 2023, these tinies will move on their big journey to our afforestation areas to become mature trees. We will still continue their maintenance during the first years after they are planted. Each tree donated by you will undertake this journey before they become part of a forest.